Meeting documents

Member Development Commission
Thursday, 13th October, 2011 7.30 pm

   0002932_Public Agenda Pack 
3  Supporting Paper - DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - If a member requires advice on Declarations of Interest heshe is advised to contact the Director of People and Places in advance of the meeting. (For the assistance of members a checklist for use in considering their position on any particular item is included at the end of this agenda sheet.) 
4  Minutes of Meeting of Member Development Commission held on Thursday 14 July 2011 - MINUTES - To note the Minutes of the meeting held on 14 July 2011. 
5  UPDATE OF MEMBER DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY - LANCASHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL - To receive an oral update from the Member Services Manager.
6  TRAINING EVENTS - To note recent training events undertaken by Members.
7  ITN EXERCISE - UPDATE - To receive an oral update from the Principal Overview & Scrutiny Officer.
8  Supporting Paper - MEMBER DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION WORK PROGRAMME 2011-12 - To review the attached Work Programme. 
9  DATE OF NEXT MEETING - To arrange the date of the next meeting.