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Local Plan Regulation 18 (Scope, Issues & Options) Consultation

To consider the report of the Corporate Director of Place and Community.


Consideration was given to the report of the Corporate Director of Place and Community as contained on pages 601 to 1224 of the Book of Reports, which was to seek authorisation to publicly consult on the scope of a new Local Plan and on the West Lancashire Local Plan 2023-2040: Issues & Options material.


The Principal Planning Officer outlined the report and informed that preparation of the Local Plan started in September 2019 but stopped temporarily due to Covid-19 pandemic and work recommenced in March 2021. He outlined the details of the 'scope' of the new Plan and what it is intended to cover.


He informed that should Cabinet approve the public consultation on the Scope of the Local Plan and on Issues & Options, the consultation is intended to run between 18 November 2021 and 27 January 2022, which is a longer than 'usual' period due to spanning the Christmas and New Year period.


Questions and comments were raised in respect of the following:

  • Timescale pressures / consultation timescales
  • Resources
  • Not enough time to scrutinise lengthy documents
  • LPCWG provided with 'Portrait of West Lancashire' for comment
  • The possibility of making minor amendments to the Local Plan 2023-2040 Issues & Options material (Appendix A)
  • Changes that are deemed 'non-minor' can be considered through the consultation process


RESOLVED:That the following agreed comments be considered by Cabinet:


  1. That the recommendation at 3.2 of the report be amended to read:


'That the Local Plan 2023-2040 Issues & Options material (provided at Appendix A) be approved for public consultation, subject to any minor amendments made by the Interim Head of Growth and Development in consultation with the Portfolio Holder, and that comments on the scope of a new Local Plan also be sought as part of this public consultation'.


  1. That the Local Plan Cabinet Working Group meet more frequently to consider documents.


  1. That although the documents have been through scrutiny, there has not been enough time to scrutinise every document.



Supporting documents: